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Our company

Is air hygiene essential for you?
Sodistra will support you in your 100% custom made pure air project.
For over 50 years Sodistra has designed and manufactured custom made isothermal solutions for your requirements in air handling and ventilation.
Sodistra air handling units and ventilation ducts are manufactured in France and delivered throughout the world.

Who are we?


Today we are the leading European manufacturer of AHUs and ducts in composite materials in the HVAC / HVAC field.
Sodistra designs and manufactures in France (Pays de la Loire), 100% of air handling units and ventilation ducts which are sold worldwide.

Your project is unique, our solutions are custom made

Your project AHU & ventilation will be adapted to the requirements for hygiene and performance in your field of application, e.g. an ultra-clean atmosphere for the agri-food industry, the field of science and research and clean rooms.
It will be customised to your requirements: geometry, equipment, interior/exterior configuration, accessories, colour and finish.
Your project will be designed 100% to your measurements.

We create totally watertight products for your requirements in terms of hygiene and energy saving. The exclusive manufacturing procedure, with bridging lamination, and the polyester composite material guarantee an isothermal monocoque structure, which is corrosion-resistant and has a long service life.
Our Difference at the Service of Yours.


More than 45 years' experience
Creation, The adventure begins.
The business starts with the manufacture of the first isothermal solutions in composite materials: sandwich panels, ventilation ducts and floating pontoons, etc.
Birth of Sodistra air handling units
After several years of development and tests Sodistra files the patent and creates the first air handling units in polyester composite, assembled by lamination, two differentiating criteria.
Our products put to the test
From 1997 we launch a battery of tests on air handling solutions: hygrometry tests, forced condensation tests and a test for permeability to steam.
Thermal shock
Launch of a series of tests on thermal behaviour of products and accelerated ageing tests.
Flexion, extension!
Performance of bending and tensile tests
Another new product
Our expertise and our insistence on "custom made" have enabled us to develop different product finishes, to meet our requirements better. In 2005 a new method of assembling our composite panels was born, assembly with polyester profiles.
Custom made
at the heart of product development
New product development with the creation of an assembly method in 2008 which found a compromise between bridging lamination, and polyester profile assembly.
New captains onboard the ship
Erwan Coatanéa and Anne Herbert take over the Sodistra ship to guide it onto a new heading.
New ship but the same crew!
Creation of the new Sodistra Head Office, with a 7000 m2 factory
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for the future

Sodistra and biomaterials
« Our ship is showing serious signs of fatigue: a changing climate, multiple pollution, scarcity of resources, biodiversity in danger... Upheavals which affect both humans and nature. The analysis is clear: plugging the holes in the ship is no longer enough. Together we must build a new model, a new world where humans and nature have their rightful places. » Roland Jourdain Explore Fund. Sodistra is participating in the building of this new world through a development innovation, the production of an air handling unit in flax fibre.
Sodistra and biomaterials
A bio-collaboration

Above and beyond developing a new product in flax fibre thanks to our Research and Development Department, Sodistra is participating, encouraging and collaborating for research into biomaterials through the Explore Fund.
This not-for-profit organisation was created at the instigation of the French sailor, Roland Jourdain. The Explore Fund is aimed at development of actions in research, innovation and the increasing of awareness linked to the environmental challenges.

Find out more about the Explore Fund
In an extension of its actions Explore selects and supports environmental projects which use science, innovation and the increasing of awareness to meet environmental challenges.   Logo-Explore-color
Flax fibre, a bet on the future
Plant fibres are not short of assets for the manufacture of composite materials. The concept is not new but the application for air handling solutions is. Flax is an ecological fibre, which is very resistant due to a thick exterior. It does not need chemicals for its cultivation. It has a negligible impact on the environment and is totally renewable. Flax fibre is not only healthy for the environment but it has perfect insulating properties and is very robust.
Flax fibre, a bet on the future


Le Groupe Sodistra présent au salon Contamin Expo à Lyon
Air Flow Process ainsi que Sodistra étaient présents à la 2ème édition du salon Contamin Expo 2024 à Lyon. Les thèmes abordés : la maitrise de la décontamination et les salles propres.
Le Groupe Sodistra présent au salon Contamin Expo à Lyon
Encore une belle édition au CFIA 2024 de Rennes
Sodistra était présent au salon de l'industrie agroalimentaire, le CFIA 2024 au Parc Expo de Rennes.
Encore une belle édition au CFIA 2024 de Rennes
Visite de nos agents internationaux
Nous avons récemment accueilli notre agent canadien Jean-Pierre Pétrin et notre agent espagnol Simon Sallaberry chez Sodistra.
Visite de nos agents internationaux