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Performance and qualities

Sodistra has chosen to design your air handling solutions in polyester composite, and to manufacture them in polyester bridging lamination for the resistance and the many qualities of the finished products.

You have never seen anything like Sodistra solutions!

Ultra cleanliness

The requirements of industry in the field of contamination control are developing with ever greater constraints on quality, reliability and safety for products, staff and the environment.

These days ultra-clean air concerns most sectors of production activity with restrictions and diverse requirement levels, which Sodistra has been able to manage over its years of experience.

The aim of contamination control is to protect:

  • the product
  • the member of staff during handling of potentially toxic products or just simply for his/her comfort at work
  • the environment


Sodistra AHUs are completely impermeable as a result of the bridging lamination procedure:

  • anti-condensation
  • no air bypass
  • no transmittance

The advantages of the polyester composite material used by Sodistra for air handling solutions:

  • Resistance to the most aggressive detergents
  • Anti-corrosion and rot-resistant solutions
  • The smooth surfaces of the air handling solutions, AHUs, and ventilation ducts, are made so that cleaning is simple and to prevent viruses collecting.
  • VOC Class A+
  • Air filtration control as a result of our partnerships with the best suppliers

For a product, e.g. AHUs, Sodistra makes it possible to manufacture it, handle and package it whilst protecting it against exterior contamination (external ambient air) and interior contamination related to the equipment and manufacturing processes (machines, personnel, raw materials, fluid treatments, etc.) when processing air.

The advantages for you :

  • hygiene: no health risk
  • time saving: ease of cleaning