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Performance and qualities

Sodistra has chosen to design your air handling solutions in polyester composite, and to manufacture them in polyester bridging lamination for the resistance and the many qualities of the finished products.

You have never seen anything like Sodistra solutions!

Food contact approved

To meet your requirements, particularly in the agri-food industry, we entered into the spirit of the food compatibility test. Our solutions are food contact accredited by IANESCO.

The material of the air handling units and ventilation ducts has been tested by IANESCO to check if our products are suitable for food contact.

Why test its products?
For food safety, to ensure that food is not contaminated by the products it comes into contact with. Our air treatment solutions which are used to purify indoor air are in indirect contact but sometimes direct contact by being installed directly in the production areas in the food industry.
Role of the regulation: To check that the finished material respects the regulatory limit set by the regulation 10/2011.