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Sodistra: how the BIM stimulates creativity and agility

We go further in innovation...

The company Mayennaise, an active member of French Fab, develops innovative air handling units, designed and manufactured 100% custom made, made of polyester composite.

Today, Sodistra goes further in innovation since it offers its design offices 100% configurable BIM objects.

With a simple input of the dimensioning assumptions, the dynamic configurator developed by Sodistra is able to create a customized BIM object that meets the specific requirements of the project..

Currently, Sodistra works with major contractors on two pilot projects, to continue to enrich its BIM objects in phases of execution and operation.

Customized for the operator.

Erwan Coatanéa (CEO Sodistra) will speak at the Autodesk forum on October 19, 2017 at 5:00 pm on the theme "industry of the future: from a customer need to a 100% tailored response".