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Sodistra's know-how is also that!

"To reconstruct nature in a laboratory in a highly controlled climatic chamber and simulate the changes that man imposes on the environment, to better predict the future. "Telematin Sciences - ecosystems under the microscope.

From the partnership between the CNRS and Sodistra was born the EcoLab,

🔬A research laboratory module for the Ecotron d'ille de France located at the Centre de Recherche en Ecologie Expérimentale et Prédictive (CEREEP).

An Ecotron is an international research infrastructure dedicated to experimentation.

🌿"The principle of an Ecotron is to study organisms and/or ecosystems placed in totally sealed enclosures in order to allow precise regulation of their environment... Five experimental platforms have been developed by the CNRS to address terrestrial, aquatic or marine environments at different scales, from micro to macrocosm. "

The French ecotrons are a new generation after the London Ecotron in Silwood Park and the Reno EcoCell in Nevada. They are characterized by a larger number of better equipped and instrumented experimental units, allowing the interaction between factors to be studied statistically under many conditions. This logic responds to a scientific necessity because interactions between environmental forcings are at the heart of ecosystem functioning.

The Ecolabs manufactured by Sodisutra, modules of 25 m²each and including a laboratory cell and three environmental cells allow the simulation of a wide range of climatic environments and studies in aquatic environment thanks to the tightness of the modules.

  • perfect waterproofness
  • ultra cleanliness
  • easy maintenance

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