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Nominated for the 2nd time for the hygienic design award.

Organized each year by EHEDG France, this prize rewards the hygienic design of equipment intended for the food industry.


These are the objectives we had in mind when developing this new range of SANI+ products: sani+ air handling unit, Sanilune® semi-circular ventilation duct in the lower part and the suspended and diamond-shaped SANI+ duct.
Come and discover our new products at the CFIA exhibition in Hall 7 Stand C7.

Presentation of the solution
Sodistra designs and manufactures air handling units and ventilation duct networks in France to guarantee air quality and hygiene for industries. unique on the market. manufactured with polyester composite material and wall assembly by polyester lamination, like the hull of a boat, we manufacture a monocoque structure. 6 sides of units = 6 panels. The material used and the assembly method offer a perfectly waterproof, corrosion-proof and laundry-proof design.
NEW 2019, aware of the challenges represented by air hygiene and wishing to be proactive in the evolutions of the field, we have chosen to develop our range of AIR HANDLING UNITS AND SANICLIM® AIR DUCTS NETWORK product line into the SANI+® range. The new features focus on ease of control, cleaning, maintenance and the complete removal of areas of water stagnation.
1. Removal of water retention and stagnation areas. The batteries are suspended from the walls to obtain a completely accessible area under the batteries to limit non-visible areas. The fans are mounted directly on the wall, so they are raised to facilitate cleaning and limit non-visible areas. New filter frame design: the frames are welded and not simply folded to improve sealing and improve filtration quality... New design of doors and hatches: flush with the walls of the HVAC to eliminate an area of water or dust retention.
2. Simplified control and maintenance to prevent contamination risks: The fan protection grid is no longer screwed into the structure to facilitate installation and removal. Register maintenance: we have facilitated access to registers installed in ducts by adding custom-made traps to allow access to them)
3. New water drainage system: ongoing partnership with Blücher (met through PCH 2018, nominated for PCH with this novelty) to improve the hygiene of condensate drainage.
4. Anti-bacterial gel coat: the formula contains an additive based on silver ions encapsulated in a ceramic material. It provides effective protection against a large number of bacteria, including staphylococcus aureus, and mould.
Semicircular ventilation GAINS: SANI+®. We have revolutionized the shape of our duct networks. Formerly flattened squares, our design office has designed and developed circular ducts in the lower part to reduce the area of water stagnation for cleaning. They remain square at the top to facilitate hanging in suspension, but we can add a slight slope for water flow.

The development of the SANI+® range is based on collaboration with end users and in particular large companies recognized in the food industry. Thanks to their experience and in particular on control and maintenance to prevent the risk of contamination, they have co-constructed this new range based on new products and developments to improve the ultra-cleanliness of our solutions.

The new SANI+® range retains the advantages of the SANICLIM® but goes even further in terms of speed of controls, predictive maintenance, and ease of cleaning.

Our solution is innovative because it is ANTI-CORROSION and ULTRA HYGIENICAL due to its design and ease of maintenance for the end user.

Insensitive to water and detergents and fully washable: resists anything that greatly facilitates cleanability and decontamination
Isothermal monocoque structure: does not produce condensation, no infiltration possible
Monocoque casing: no screws or rivets > no risk of infiltration and mould
Technical floor with counter-slope to prevent water stagnation and the evacuation of washing water and condensate
No incrustation or dusting: completely smooth inner and outer wall surfaces

Better resistance to ageing:
- no corrosion (even in saline and chlorinated environments)
- better classification for mechanical strength
- Insensitive to damp, or aggressive environments. Our AHUs can be installed indoors or outdoors
Unrivalled resistance in saline, urban, chlorinated, sulphurous or chemically aggressive environments

BETTER TIGHTNESS of joints and walls (according to NF EN1886 standard): no energy loss
Thermal transmittance of T1 walls :
Thermal bridge factor TB1