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Sodistra reports on air hygiene in industry in Company Information magazine in the special environment report.

Between safety and hygiene, the issue of air treatment has become a major subject for many business sectors.

Reinforced by the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis, these prerequisites must also adapt to the requirements related to energy savings. Sodistra has thus developed a whole set of solutions capable of meeting this double need.

Here is the content of the article :

To introduce and illustrate the point as well as possible, let's focus on the state of one of the markets most affected by the issue of air treatment: the food industry. David Huffschmidt, Head of the Process air conditioning division at Clauger, gives us the following observation: “Today, there are many forces at play. On the one hand, the phasing out of the Conservatives. On the other hand, the development of the organic product market, made up of products more vulnerable to airborne contamination. From this observation, several issues: avoiding downgrading of products, guaranteeing healthy products through controlled risk management, while maintaining consistent shelf life dates ”.

Maintaining dust levels in the most sensitive areas, overpressure management to prevent the rise of contaminants, overall plant air flow management, without adding the rules of hygienic design of equipment and the need for new technology ... multiple requirements, which go far beyond the practical cases of the food industry (hospitals, offices, laboratories, shops, etc.), the acquisition of air treatment solutions at the level of the challenges thus becomes a priority for everyone set of sectors. And that's exactly where Sodistra comes in!

Founded just 50 years ago, the company has in fact made support the keystone of an offer based on the design and manufacture of isothermal solutions on
measurement for all air treatment and ventilation needs.

French Fab
A pillar of the French Fab, Sodistra is today the leading European manufacturer of air handling units and ducts in composite materials. With its 3000 power plants, 50 business experts and its 6 registered patents, the group offers a unique approach in more than one respect! Evidenced by their air treatment solutions, entirely designed in polyester composite; a material with multiple properties, completely adaptable and thus allowing a completely tailor-made proposal.

“Ultra clean, resistant to aggressions, light, anti-corrosion, thermal insulation, adaptability… the advantages of polyester are almost endless. But if it is this decisive choice that partly conditioned our success, this is surely not due to chance! we have indeed set up a large-scale technological watch within our R&D center. A common sense approach that has also allowed us to develop other proposals, such as the application of the Sanitized® treatment, an anti-bacterial / anti-microbial coating; or the Sani + ® range, which has been designed so that the air handling unit is easily cleanable and that maintenance can be carried out quickly without high cost "first introduced Erwan Coatanéa, CEO of Sodista.

Let us come back to the testimony of David Huffschmidt, client of the Sodistra group: "Our long-standing working relationship with Sodistra was first enabled by the support of their teams at the level of co-design. Very committed teams totally focused on our specific needs. Thanks to this collaboration, we have succeeded in bringing to the market solutions with a high level of hygiene, which we have been able to deploy in France, but also internationally. Thus, Sodistra's air handling solutions are very effective when it comes to responding to environments requiring a high level of hygiene and a need for extensive sanitation ".

Spreading out to meet customer needs
The premise of a customer-oriented offer, Sodistra's quest for tailor-made products even conditioned the establishment of a specific center dedicated to the creation of start-ups within the structure. From this spin-off was born the first of the start-ups, thus resulted a new full-fledged organization, the company Air Flow Process: experts in controlling air quality. “This new proposal complements the Sodistra offering. While the latter will provide part of the equipment for air treatment, Air Flow Process also offers a whole set of associated services: audit, advice, supply, installation, maintenance, cleaning, etc. in addition to a catalog of around thirty products, including Sodistra products "continues Erwan Coatanéa.

Wishing to meet all requirements, the Sodistra group recently expanded its offer through a partnership with Euroclima® (double skin air handling units, air purifier, etc.), and this by becoming its French reseller; a new way to complete its air treatment service, whether in terms of end users or product positioning. But Sodistra's logic also finds an echo in the energy saving needs that our time brings. Thanks to completely waterproof products, no waste of energy is allowed!

"Through our partnerships and the quality of our products and services, we will now focus our development on several areas, including the Internet of Connected Objects, the 4.0 factory, and everything related to our environmental footprint. With the company's 50th anniversary in 2021, Sodistra opens upon new innovative and large-scale projects, a new market and a new history. The best is therefore yet to come… ”concludes Erwan Coatanéa.