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SODISTRA, an optimised energy self-consumption plant

☀️ Industry: manufacturing for self-consumption of energy, a sweet dream? ☀️

Erwan Coatanéa, CEO, and Anne Hebrert, CFO, Sodistra, concerned about the impact of their company on the environment, asked themselves the question: could we manufacture our products using energy that we produce ourselves?


The solution chosen at Sodistra: solar panels on the roof of the new 2000m² building which allow us to produce enough energy to produce all of our production for self-consumption but above all to optimise it!
This process, coupled with a new organisation called "solar teams" by Erwan Coatanéa, which replaces the 3 shift teams, means that energy is not wasted on sunny days!
Based on the problem that in France we don't yet know how to store the energy we produce, the CEO of Sodistra invented this concept.
What is a solar team? Thanks to the versatility of our employees, when there is a lot of sunshine we will concentrate the teams on the areas or workshops that consume a lot of energy.
For example, on sunny days we will produce a lot of panels and machining because these are the load centres that consume the most energy via the robots, and on less sunny days we will concentrate the employees on the areas or workshops that require little or no electricity, such as assembly for example.
"It's a bit like listening to the weather to time production," explains the CEO.

Our partner in this adventure is called Enerfox, and they offer connected energy management solutions dedicated to the self-consumption of renewable energy.
Their goal? To optimise renewable energy.
Thanks to its comprehensive technology and management algorithm, our solution allows you to monitor, analyse and intelligently control your consumption. Thus, the surplus energy produced by your production source is stored in your existing electrical equipment. Our solution controls and optimises the energy flow between your energy needs, your production and the energy storage.

This project is part of our approach to sustainable development, other concrete actions are underway, such as our 8,000m² ecological reserve.