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La Fédération en quelques mots
The Fédération des Dirigeants Commerciaux de France is a movement that brings together no less than 2,500 sales executives and managers in 70 associations throughout France. Several missions are attributed to the Federation, such as promoting the sales function, supporting its transformation, sharing experiences between people and why not, creating vocations!
More than ever, the Fédération des Dirigeants Commerciaux de France wishes, as mentioned, to promote companies (VSEs, Start-ups, ETIs, Social and Solidarity Companies) which value the sales function and which have succeeded in facing the crisis of the COVID-19.


? Last Thursday was the evening of the DCF Awards – The 2021 DCF MAYENNE Manager Trophy, 500 people were present at the Espace Mayenne.
Guess who won?

Erwan Coatanéa for the impulse, the vision, the energy and the generosity that he puts in his role of manager in the heart of the company and within the various projects of the local economic.
The jury based its decision “on the reputation of his company, its dynamics, its innovations…” said Bertrand Hugain, President of the DCF Mayenne network and Christophe Charles, who chairs the manager commission at Ouest France newspaper.
The event took place in the beautiful setting of the Espace Mayenne in Laval, the room was full, the beginning of the ceremony starts at 19:30. The DCF team begins its speech and at about 8pm the announcement falls, Erwan COATANEA, President of Sodistra is elected Manager of the year 2021, in front of his employees who came from Château-Gontier to attend the event.
Sodistra, designer and manufacturer of treatment solutions (HVAC): air handling units and ventilation ducts, is rewarded thanks to its President for the work with his crew.

Who are the Dirigeants Commerciaux de France?
Because the economic world is changing. Because the future belongs to the companies that will have the best sales power. Because the sales function has begun its revolution. Because we need to enhance the value of the profession and make as many people as possible aware of these new challenges. Because we are sales leaders and managers.
We want to speak to the new generations, and commit ourselves to this profession that we love.

Thanks to (in alphabetical order!)
Patrice Bégay (Directeur Exécutif Communication de Bpifrance et de Bpifrance Excellence), Emmanuel Bouvet (Co fondateur VandB), Bruno Bouygues (président GYS), Jean-Marie Brousset, Laurent Chrétien (Directeur Général chez Laval Virtual), Romain Codron (CEO Shiptify), Jean pierre Derouet(Co fondateur VandB), Nicolas Dufourcq (CEO / Directeur général chez BPI France), Philippe Henry (Maire de Château-Gontier-sur-Mayenne), Roland Jourdain (Navigateur professionnel, Co-gérant de Kairos), Laurent LAIRY (Fondateur de PROTECTHOMS – PDG de Procogest Finances), Damien MARC (President 4.0 chez JPB SYSTEME & KEYPROD), Jean-Luc Martin (Dirigeant d’entreprise chez SAS Tell), Christelle Morançais (Présidente du Conseil régional des Pays de la Loire), Guillaume Neron Bancel (Directeur Communication Actual Group), Olivier Richefou (Président du Conseil départemental de la Mayenne), Nicolas Samon (Directeur commercial er marketing associé Enerfox), Hervé Tremblay (Président Transport Tremblay) et Maxime SOREL (skipper de course au large & Ingénieur génie civil) pour votre présence et vos témoignages, merci aussi à la team DCF MAYENNE Christophe Charles et Bertrand HUGAIN, merci Franck Gruau pour l’organisation et merci à tous les autres d’avoir été présents pour nous.