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Design, manufacture, installation


Each project is custom made. We rely on our integrated Design Office to design your air handling unit.

Our R&D Department, which is always researching innovation in materials and possible capacities in manufacture, has for over 50 years been able to improve the resistance of our products over time for your daily use.

Our Design Office, full of experts in the most complicated of puzzles, will be able to find you a solution suitable for your environment and your need for air hygiene. We won't try to adapt your factory to our solutions!


Since we manufacture the panels in polyester composite material ourselves, and we then assemble them ourselves, we can guarantee the quality of our products, manufactured 100% by us and 100% custom made.
We manufacture all our product offers: air handling units, ventilation ducts, plenums, water troughs, etc. in France, and more precisely in the Mayenne, in the French Department 53.
Our difference is in the material used, polyester composite, and our manufacturing method, polyester bridging lamination. This method of assembly makes it possible to obtain a completely watertight monocoque structure like the hull of a boat, for example.
There is no need for screws or welding thus providing an ultra-clean solution.
We learnt how to do this gradually and have become experts in the choice of equipment required for air handling. It is for this reason that we now offer you a complete solution: an air handling unit equipped with fan, battery, filter, etc.
As a result of our experience we are able to help you choose or just offer you an air handling unit - AHU - that is ready to install.


Over all these years we have learnt how to install our products. If you so wish we can install our air handling solutions on your premises or those of your client. We have the necessary accreditations and the team of experts available because it is part of Sodistra. Our installers are qualified and experienced. They cover France and the whole world!

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