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The Sodistra composite material is made up of four materials, two of which are immiscible: the glass fibre reinforcement and a resin matrix. The reinforcement provides robustness and resistance. It is the framework which takes up the mechanical forces. The polyester resin links the fibres of the reinforcement to distribute the forces and provide protection. The gelcoat is a finish deposited on the surface. It gives the colour and a smooth finish whilst providing protection. These three materials together make up a coating which is deposited on each face of our insulating foam. This finished product is the casing for our air handling units, our ventilation ducts and our other products.

Polyester composite has a long service life. It resists corrosion whilst having a high capacity for absorbing energy, vibrations and impacts.

Our air handling solutions have good dimensional stability due to the ability of the polyester to retain its dimensions when faced with variations in temperature, humidity and physical load.
Sodistra air handling units and ventilation ducts are not affected by bad weather. They are unaffected by humidity or sunlight and are resistant to cold and heat. Our air handling solutions are resistant in all environments even the most aggressive. They can be used both inside and outside.

  • Resistance
  • Durability
  • Good hygiene