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We have supported hundreds of projects for clients who have put their trust in us for our ability to produce a custom made solution, and for the ultra-cleanliness and resistance of our material.

Our experience has diversified over the years in many sectors.

Agri-food industry

Meat and salting


United Kingdom


  • Air handling in an aggressive environment

Industrialists in this sector must reconcile several constraints, especially health requirements, the importance of the accuracy of the ambient temperature and the corrosive environment produced by this activity.


Bakery - Pastries




  • An efficient air handling solution to prevent the propagation of odours onto fats
  • A heat-insulated solution to prevent cooling of nearby work spaces

The bakery-pastries industry requires efficient air renewal and high air quality in terms of temperature, hygrometry and microbes.

Fish auction hall, first marketing of fish




  • Air handling in a corrosive environment

In a fish auction hall the air handling solutions are installed in a highly aggressive environment, because there is a lot of salt present. This requires air handling units and a network of ventilation ducts which are very resistant to corrosionn.