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Air handling unit

Air handling by Sodistra involves an isothermal monocoque structure which is custom made to provide an ultra-clean environment. AHUs are are hygienically designed to avoid water retention and are easy to clean.

The advantages

The Sodistra composite material and manufacturing method enables you to have an AHU that is screw- and welding-free, and to obtain a monocoque structure without thermal bridges. The advantages of AHUS lie in the material used for its manufacture and the way it is assembled, which gives it a unique hygienic design. It is a watertight monocoque housing like the hull of a boat.
  • Ultra-cleanliness
  • Corrosion resistance
  • No condensation
  • Isothermal product
  • Perfect impermeability
  • Light structure
AHU air handling unit impermeable unibody structure

Your other products

As a specialist in polyester composite materials our Research and Development Department has developed other products for ventilation, conservation and insulation.