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Offering different types of equipments gives us the ability to guarantee an optimal response to your needs. Make hygiene easier; choose a fully equipped unit by Sodistra.

Heat exchangers

As a result of this selection of heat exchangers a large choice of combinations is possible. Sodistra chooses its suppliers on the basis of strict specifications with the objective of "Zero after-sales service"

CU/Al coil

  • Direct expansion coil
  • Coil in galvanised steel
  • Electric coil
  • Steam coil


The materials

  • The collectors and the tubes: stainless steel, copper or galvanised
  • The frame: galvanised, stainless steel or aluminium
  • The vanes: aluminium, stainless steel, galvanised, alver, almg2.5



  • All the heat exchangers installed in a Sodistra AHU intended for an aggressive atmosphere are treated with a Heresite coating.
  • Other treatment solutions for heat exchangers or vanes are available for less aggressive environments.