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Sodistra expands and relies on sustainable development OF

SEEN IN OUEST France A new phase for our SME Made in Mayenne, specialized in air quality, Sodistra expands while respecting the environment.

Discover in Ouest France an article on the upcoming extension of our production plant for air treatment units and ventilation ducts.
To meet the needs of new activities, the Mayenne SME increases its production thanks to an additional 2 000m2 (for a total of 10 000m2).
Anxious to integrate this extension into an eco-responsible approach, Erwan Coatanéa (CEO) and Anne Herbert (DG) chose to equip the roof of the extension with photovoltaic panels to "produce what we will consume in energy".
Thanks to the Laval start-up Enerfox, we will monitor the factory to see what we will consume in order to optimize the production of ventilation ducts and air handling units (AHU).
The work that has already begun is being carried out by local companies. The building should be delivered by October 2021. A dozen new employees are expected to be hired within the next five years.

To go even further... we will inaugurate an ecological reserve of 8,000m2 next July.
We have decided to acquire an 8,000m2 plot of land to meet the ORE scheme.
The latter allows property owners to set up an environmental protection on their property, thus conserving and restoring elements of biodiversity. This plot of land will then be blocked for 50 years.


Find out about one of the latest projects from Sodistra - La Canopée.

We have fitted out the very latest Parisian shopping centre with our architectural ventilation ducts, designed in collaboration with the project architect.

La canopée: renovation of les halles in paris

More than 30 years after it opened the Les Halles quarter has been modernised and restructured due to the number of people visiting it (750,000 visitors a day), the ageing of its structures and the developments in safety standards. The project that has been undertaken will restore the image of Les Halles in a way that meets its metropolitan ambition. In the future Les Halles will be more open to the city. It will have more cultural facilities, shops and more entrances to the station. Sodistra is offering to supply architectural ducts for the Conservatory of Music.