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Installation of a AHU for a cheese manufacturer in the #Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region for a production room. The air treatment unit is equipped with a primary and absolute filtration, flow rate 40 000m3/H.

Adapted for the food industry and for this project of a cheese group, Sodistra air handling units allow to manage air flows, control air quality, temperature, and hygrometry, to avoid product degradation (loss of volume or weight) and ensure homogeneity between them.

Adapted for the food industry

The Sodistra air treatment solutions are insensitive to detergents and water ? thanks to the material of the panels of the polyester composite casing and to the method of assembly of the panels between them by polyester stratification (no risks related to weldings)

Saniclim® air handling units have been nominated twice for the hygienic design awards of the #EHEDG (Foundation created with the aim of improving the hygienic design of equipment and installations in the food industry).

We know that the hygiene of the equipment is all the more important for you as the reduction of preservatives in the products is requested and that it is necessary to be more and more vigilant on the quality of the air.

Perfectly airtight, our housings help control energy bills by eliminating any air leakage. ?Best classification to EN 1886 D1, L1, T1, TB1, F9

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Thank you Leo Hospital from SEICAR for this collaboration and for sending the pictures 😉