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Go to the US in an agrifood industry

Discover the pictures of our construction site, Located in Easton, we have manufactured 10 #AHUs air handling units with Saniclim® finish.


For the hygiene and air quality needs of Bakerly: production of brioches, pancakes, French-style pancakes, we have designed and manufactured 2 air handling units to meet the following needs
- Avoid any risk of contamination by stale air
- ease of cleaning and maintenance
- resistance and reliability to guarantee a constant clean air in order to meet the more and more demanding constraints linked to the reduction of preservatives
- reduce the energy consumption of the equipment

We accompanied our customer with the Saniclim® air handling unit, our hygienic design solution
- sealed and isothermal monocoque housing
There is no condensation effect which avoids the risk of contamination by the production of droplets
Designed as a single block, there are no thermal bridges and therefore no energy loss
There are no screws, rivets or joints to avoid the risk of water stagnation or dirt

- Hygiene
Anti-corrosion: made of polyester composite like the hull of a boat, the walls and floor are not affected by water or salty or corrosive environments
Easy cleaning: the AHUs are insensitive to detergents
Total drainability in the floor
Rounded sides: no water stagnation
Ultra-smooth finish of wall and floor panels: no water or dust retention

- Resistance
Best classification obtained to the NF EN 1886 standard on all indicators and particularly on resistance and insulation: T1, TB1
Our air handling units are corrosion-free, which means they have a long service life
All internal equipment is chosen according to its energy consumption and performance (French or European origin)

- the + : Sanitized® treatment
For an increasingly demanding market in terms of hygiene and safety, Sodistra offers an anti-bacterial solution for your AHUs and ventilation ducts.
An additional protection for your products, Sodistra air treatment solutions are equipped with the Sanitized®️💦 treatment.
The Sanitized®️ treatment is a permanent antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial. It limits the growth of fungi, bacteria, and other microbes. Sanitized®️ protects effectively and durably, it resists repeated washing.
Tested on 7 types of bacteria
The Sanitized®️ treatment based on Silver ions is an inorganic solution, which does not migrate and does not alter over time. Incorporated into the material to guarantee antibacterial protection throughout its lifetime, this biocidal additive does not influence the technical performance of our panels.