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Heading for a bakery and chocolate factory, for the installation of an air handling unit and a network of ventilation ducts #HVAC

Why choose Sodistra?

A factory making pastries and chocolates has to take into account a number of constraints when it comes to air treatment to ensure product quality, employee safety and compliance with regulatory standards.
- Indoor air quality: The air inside the factory must be of good quality to avoid contamination of food products. Our ventilation and filtration systems are optimised and selected to eliminate particles, odours and any harmful substances.
- Temperature and humidity control: the design office has discussed with the customer the temperature and humidity conditions that must be respected to preserve the freshness and stability of the products. Excessive variations in temperature or humidity can alter the texture and flavour of pastries and chocolates.
- Avoiding cross-contamination: Food factories must prevent cross-contamination between different ingredients, particularly allergens. Ventilation systems must be designed to minimise the risk of transferring odours or particles from one production area to another.
- Food hygiene and safety standards: Food regulations impose strict hygiene and safety standards. Air treatment solutions must be designed and maintained in accordance with these standards to avoid any bacterial or microbiological contamination of products, which is why our AHUs are equipped with Sanitized®, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatment to prevent bacteria and fungi, for example.
- Odour reduction: The manufacture of pastries and chocolates can generate odours that could disturb employees and the surrounding area. We have chosen appropriate filter levels to reduce these odours.
- Energy efficiency: Air handling units must be designed to be energy efficient, minimising energy consumption while maintaining the conditions required for production.
- Regular maintenance: #HVAC units require regular maintenance to ensure they are working properly. Filters need to be changed periodically, and equipment needs to be inspected for faults. Sodistra makes this maintenance easy, thanks to its design advantages and access to internal equipment.
- Indoor or outdoor installation is possible thanks to the material used in our AHUs: polyester composite, and to our unique manufacturing process (like the hull of a boat) using polyester lamination, which makes the unit one-piece, isothermal and highly resistant over time.