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Sodistra offers efficient air handling solutions which adapt to many industries in various sectors
Agri-food industry

You need precision in air handling to control the humidity level, the temperature and to keep the environment ultra-clean.

Sodistra facilitates hygiene with its ultra-clean solutions.

The agri-food industry is a sector that is naturally very demanding.

In fact all the tasks of an ACU, management of temperature, hygrometry and filtration, must be perfectly controlled to guarantee product quality and prevent health risks.

Sodistra has lengthy, dependable experience in the design and manufacture of ventilation for buildings in the agri-food sector: bakery and pastry production, salting, meat, dairy, cheese-making, products from the sea, ready meals, fruit and vegetables, etc.

We are aware of the challenges you face for having perfectly healthy air at the right temperature.


Sodistra air handling solutions make it possible to :

… modify and manage thermal conditions in an industrial area to ensure a temperature that is suitable for your requirements, for your staff and for your manufacturing procedure. Sodistra air handling units can process air from -35°C to +45°C

… adjust hygrometry to prevent condensation, corrosion, formation of frost, moulds, etc. which would create a risk to the comfort of staff, cause deterioration in product quality and in machine operation.

… filter air. Air quality depends on this. We decrease the concentration of airborne particles to prevent risks from bacteria, health risks and loss of performance.

… adjust air volumes. Controlling flows to adjust ventilation and the intake of exterior or interior air is essential in your industry.