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Thermal bridging factor

Standard: NF EN 1886: 2006
Ventilation of buildings - Air handling units - Mechanical performances

Role: The thermal bridging factor is defined using the ratio between, on the one hand, the smallest temperature difference at any point on the external surface of the casing and the average temperature inside the unit, and on the other hand the average between the air temperature outside and inside the unit.


All the accessible surfaces for contact with air outside the enclosure is considered to be an external surface, likely to be a thermal bridge.

Our air handling solutions achieved the best result, TB1.

Classification Kb Result
Sodistra AHU
TB1 0,75 < Kb < 1 Kb = 0,93
TB2 0,6 < Kb < 0,75
TB3 0,45 < Kb < 0,6
TB4 0,3 < Kb < 0,45
TB5 No requirement