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Project Spotlight

CTA extérieure Bonduelle

bonduelle plant (france)

In 2018, the Bonduelle plant located in Genas (France) was equipped with SODISTRA’s air handling solutions.

In this factory where food products are processed, rigorous hygiene constraints are required.

sodistra's solutions were particularly appropriate

- Our AHUs are easy to wash thoroughly, they are corrosion resistant and equipped with integrated pipes to evacuate the condensates.
- They are resistant against the regulatory cleaning products used in the agri-food industry.
- Their monocoque envelope is completely waterproof and airtight, thus doesn’t induce condensation.
- The Sanitized® surface treatment added to our unique manufacturing process enables us to go further in air hygiene. Sanitized®️ is a permanent antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial treatment. It protects your air handling solution durably and efficiently, it withstands repeated washings, heat and cleaning products. Its efficiency has been tested on 7 types of bacterias.

However, our SANICLIM range has other technical characteristics that has been a gain for this project. First, its adaptability, which enabled us to guarantee to our client CLAUGER outdoor Air Handling Units. Our products’ material, the polyester composite, facilitate this outdoor set up because it is completely corrosion resistant, thus weatherproof. Another adjustment we offered was the slanted roof, allowing a perfect sealing from the unit.

Adaptability, thightness and optimal hygiene guarantee are the key-elements that enabled SODISTRA to stand out in this case and best meet the needs of our customers.