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Project Spotlight

energy house 2.0

In 2020, the British refrigeration engineers’ company JDi Cooling Systems LTD got in touch with SODISTRA for a research and development project conducted by the Salford University, called Energy House 2.0.

The aim of this project is to create specialised climate chambers in which extreme conditions of climate are simulated to test innovations for tomorrow’s building.

a project for the future

The project required air handling solutions which could endure low and varying temperatures (from -20 to 40°C). The climate chambers simulate wind, rain, sun, snow, and this must be handled by the AHUs too.

To meet this clients’ needs, we designed SANICLIM® Air Handling Units, monocoque structures composed of panels, assembled by polyester lamination which enables a perfect sealing for our products, and made with a larger layer of PIR-foam than usual (100mm). This adjustment gives us the ability to guarantee completely waterproof and airtight AHUs, to bear with the extreme weather conditions required for the different climate experimentations conducted there.

SANICLIM® AHUs got the highest score at the EN1886 norm: T1, TB1, L1, F9 in terms of robustness, mechanical resistance, thermal transmittance, filters derivation leaks, as well as preventing the products from any thermal bridging.